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Dr. Ken Marton: Qualifications



Caltech Ph.D., Neurosciences


Yale Univ. B.S., Molec. Biophys. Biochem., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa


Headed MCAT, DAT & OAT prep programs at So. Cal. Kaplan for almost 4 years:

bulletHighest evaluated teacher
bulletCreated teacher training program
bulletMany innovations in course design and content, adopted nationally.
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"Of all the professors I’ve had in 4 years, Dr. Marton is the most intelligent, knowledgeable, and inspiring I’ve ever met." UCLA premed, stud. evaluation.

"His instruction was tailor-made to my needs. He is truly an inspirational teacher. He proved key to my MCAT success, and a vital part of my admission to med school." Ed C., USC medical student.

"I scored this well because of your help: 12 Verbal, 15 Phys. Sci., 12 Bio. Sci.!" Kevin L., premed.

"Dr. Marton’s clear explanations, energy, empathetic style, useful strategies & superior knowledge wowed the MCAT students, absolutely. They were clamoring to find out when he’d be back." Kellie H., Kaplan.

"I’d been away from college over 10 years. My success on the MCAT and in getting into med school is in large part due to Dr. Marton’s excellence, one of the best professors I’ve ever had. He is expert not only in the sciences, but also in motivating and inspiring tense, anxious students." Fidel L., USC med student.

"I’ve heard many Kaplan lecturers, and Dr. Marton is easily the best. He can teach all MCAT subjects, and really helps students deal with anxiety. I recommend him enthusiastically." Son P., CSUN Professor.

"Ken is the master teacher of MCAT. He knows the test inside out." Becca W., Kaplan.

"Dr. Marton is a wonderful instructor, thorough, clear and very very intelligent." Student evaluations.

"I have been inspired so by Dr. Marton. I found myself becoming more determined, positive, and most of all confident about the MCAT." Ali S., premed.

"I love his enthusiasm & encouragement. It’s wonderful having such a personable and positive instructor. He’s excellent." Student evaluations.

"I have taught medicine, biology, physics, and computers. I have taught honors sections at UCLA. None-the-less, not until Dr. Marton’s training, did I learn how to teach best. I savor his wisdom."
Payam K., UCLA med school instructor.

"He is simply the best. I recommend him for whomever wants to take the MCAT. His knowledge, interaction with students, and his interest in students doing well are excellent." Student evaluations.


Home Private Work Sign-In Concept Master About Dr. Marton Live Classes

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