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No live events are scheduled at this time.
   Please notify me when any new events are scheduled...



The following is a sample schedule of previous workshops.   None are scheduled at this tme, but you can still read about the content.  These workshops may be offered again in the future.

Workshop Date & Time Location
Your Personal Statement, part A Wed 5/20, 6:00pm-10:00pm

CHS 23-105

Your Personal Statement, part B Sat 5/23, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105
Verbal Reasoning "A", Jump-Start Sat 5/30, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105
Physics "A", Jump-Start Sat 6/6, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105
Verbal Reasoning "B", Mastery Sun 6/21, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105
Experiment-Based Passage Analysis Sat 6/27, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105
Chemistry Principles (Gen & Org) Sun 7/5, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105
Physics "B", Mastery Sat 7/11, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 53-105
Writing Sample "Master Formula" Sat 7/18, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 53-105
Final Review & Mind-State Strategies Sun 7/26, 9:30am-4:30pm CHS 63-105




Intensive, Top Quality, Day-Long MCAT Workshops

Dr. Marton has designed 10 excellent and clear intensives in areas that make the biggest difference, in which large gains can be had using his instruction and techniques.

Verbal Reasoning. For many a big problem area, and very hard to improve. Your key is to develop a focused set of special methods and powerful reading skills.  [Schedule] [Top]

Session A, Jump-Start: Verbal Reasoning takes early practice to get significant improvement.  Learn specifically how to prepare yourself for this demanding section.
Session B, Mastery:  Master special MCAT reading comprehension techniques, answer ambiguous questions, and use state-of-mind strategies to get your best score.


Personal StatementsPersonal Statements.  The essay is of your medical school application and key to helping you stand out.   Find out what admissions committees look for and how to write with dramatic flow and impact.  During these two intensive sessions, we will work together in an unusual atmosphere of cooperation and openness to uncover your key events, traits, and themes, make an outline, and write a rough draft.  Intensive A is prerequisite for Intensive B. [Schedule] [Top]


Writing Sample. 30 minutes for a 3 page essay, in ink, on a bizarre topic, then do it again!  MCAT essays are more important than ever. You need to know exactly what the graders are looking for.  Learn & master Dr. Marton’s no-nonsense, famous, and improved killer formula. [Schedule] [Top]


Physics "A", Jump-Start. Physics is often poorly taught in college.  Special conceptual techniques developed by Dr. Marton help those especially who have had problems begin to clearly understand MCAT physics. [Schedule] [Top]


Physics "B", Mastery.  Students who did well in physics tend to focus on other MCAT topics, but special techniques and new clarity make it possible to "climb the curve" to get a notably higher Physical Sciences score. Follows Physics "A" well. [Schedule] [Top]


Chemistry Principles (Organic & General). Learn the key MCAT principles for both general & organic chemistry that will allow you to do well on the test.  Find out what to focus on and what is not very important. [Schedule] [Top]


MCAT Experiment-AnalysisMany MCAT passages now require you to analyze experiments, read complex charts and graphs, interpret results, compare experimental variables, and the like.  Special practice and techniques not available elsewhere can make a big difference on all four of the MCAT sciences. [Schedule] [Top]


Final Review & "SOM" StrategiesA good grasp of psychophysiology and experience has taught Dr. Marton key steps you need in the final weeks for an ideal "State-Of-Mind" for MCAT DAY, steps not well taught by the prep companies. We will also review any key MCAT science topics that students request. [Schedule] [Top]




$75 for a single Intensive Workshop,
          OR, if paid in full, in advance:

$60 each, for three to five workshops (save up to $75), or
$50 each, for more than five (save up to $225), or
$450 for the entire series entire series
(save $300!) entire series
(save $300!)                       [Schedule] [Top]
             ($20 to review any previously attended workshop.)

Enrollment is limited.  Enroll soon!         yellowbutton.GIF (1053 bytes)

Please contact Dr. Marton with any of your questions:  (new) or (818)705-3336

Refunds available with four days prior notice only.

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