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bulletPremeds must take the MCAT very seriously.  It can be more important than your GPA.  Dr. Marton considers it vital to take a prep course, such as one of these, and to do extensive study and practice:

Berkeley (800)622-8827, Columbia (800)300-7737, Hyperlearning/TPR (800)632-6863, Kaplan (800)527-8378


Dr. Marton's CONCEPT MASTER will be an Internet-based, on-line system designed to intelligently supplement your prep work, no matter which course you take.  It guides you through key concepts tested on the MCAT, moving you quickly through ones you already know, but focusing specifically on concepts you haven't mastered.  A free trial period will be available.

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bulletIt is essential to take one of the above courses, but be clear - they all have big shortcomings.  Students need an edge by getting additional, expert, focused help in specific areas, beyond what these prep courses provide.  Dr. Marton is sometimes available for One-On-One, private help.

bulletMost prep companies offer a free diagnostic test.  Take one soon. Which course you select is much less important than how hard you work. These courses aren’t as different as they would like you to believe!


Home Private Work Sign-In Concept Master About Dr. Marton Live Classes

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