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Individual "One-On-One" Work with Dr. Ken Marton

Students often benefit greatly by working individually with Dr. Marton:

bulletCustomized Tutoring & Coaching on any and all MCAT topics, personally and directly with Dr. Marton.
bulletStrategy Consulting.  How should you prepare?   Which program to take?  How to deal with your anxiety, etc.?
bulletPersonal Statements for medical school applications.   Many premeds do a poor job, and this is a key part of your application.  Takes 9-12 hours.  Dr. Marton currently only works with his MCAT students on Personal Statements.

Dr. Marton’s time is extremely limited.  He works personally only with a few students.  First come, first served, so contact him soon for his availability.  Dr. Marton typically works with students in 3-hour sessions.

The cost is $60 per hour, or $75 per hour if more than one student is attending.

If you are interested in Private work with Dr. Marton, please email or call (818)705-3336.

NOTICE: Dr. Marton is a currently on a hiatus (look it up if you don't know!).  It is not entirely clear when he will resume working with students, but feel free to inquire at any time.  


Home Private Work Sign-In Concept Master About Dr. Marton Live Classes

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